Stakeholders from the Telecommunications Sector have recently convened a Stakeholders meeting to discuss Tariff Normalization in the Sierra Leone Telecommunications industry.

The stakeholders conference revealed that the Mobile Network operators are facing huge financial constraints due to inflation, the high cost of fuel and the global economic crisis

MNOs emphasized that “Over the last month, things are becoming difficult for us because of the inflation in the country and the Forex Exchange which are threatening to cripple our business. For example, the last time tariff was increased for mobile companies in this country was in 2017. And in 2017, the exchange rate was around 7,258 old Leones so now the exchange rate is 18NL to one dollar and all the businesses we are doing even with Zoodlabs that is based in Sierra Leone we are paying in dollars. In 2017, we are paying 7,258 today we are at 18,000NL per and this cripples our business.”

Civil society leaders present, including representatives from the Bike Riders Union, Motor Drivers Union, et al. unanimously agreed a tariff review was necessary due to inflationary pressures that threaten the stability of MNOS. They recommended that NaTCA should approve a minimal increase in the tariff adjustment plan. This is because they want MNOS to continue to expand and make quality telecommunication services accessible throughout the country.