Christ The King College, Bo Pupils have expressed their dissatisfaction over the massive failure of the arts students in the newly updated WASSCE results 2021.

According to them, these results cannot be theirs, as it is highly impossible for a whole Art Stream with brilliant students to fail miserably while almost all students from other streams got university requirements.

They continued that it could only be that their results were tampered with as they recalled that during their exam they went into a fight with some invigilators who were harassing them to pay them money, so as they can free the examination for them, but as an institution they always believe in smooth process , a student reply by saying it’s worthwhile to fail with honor than to succeed by fraud.

They furthered that, that statement brought hate into the mind of the invigilators towards them to an extent that because of that statement uttered by the student, he was ask to fill the Malpractice form but other students protested and concluded it as an unfair treatment, adding that, although some officials praised the school but in turn they were planning something fishy.

The students continued that the invigilators threatened to make sure that none of them (Art pupils) gets university requirements. They said at first they thought it was a joke until it didn’t turned out to be one.

“Our grades were tampered with, competent students whom we entrust to boost the name of the school by scoring high scores, were woefully failed; most of our brothers bang home with poor results as if we were not competent. As the name goes Christ the King college we have been trained from drains to brains, why wouldn’t they cancelled our results instead of them to give us such bad grades. Our campaign here is we must see our scripts if truly WAEC are competent as they claim to be” they said.

The students write with heavy heart this message to WAEC: Dear WAEC, It gladdens our hearts in seeing our brothers in the other faculties bagging home with good units and shall surely make it to the various universities. However, the ARTS students of CHRIST THE KING COLLEGE, are in tears. It is so disappointing to notice that the WAEC body is not as competent and credible as it should be. Instead of you boosting the educational system in our beloved country, Sierra Leone, you are making the situation get worsen each and every day. WE NEED TO SEE OUR SCRIPTS! JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL!

The students send this message for the ACC’s Francis Ben Kaifala: Dear Mr. Commissioner, as we fight against Corruption in our beloved country, the main perpetuators has not been tackled (WAEC). For reasons best known to them, they decided to fail each and every pupil in the Art faculty simply because the pupils were against a specific invigilator who was asking for money during the WASSCE examination, this lead to the hate the invigilators had for the pupils and he took it to the extra mile to say ” none of you Art pupil will get requirement”, for some months we thought it was a joke but it didn’t turned out to be one. He is a teacher at Allawalie International Academy Bo. He was sent to invigilate pupils in Christ the King college. Not even a single Art pupil got university requirements. Please Mr. Commissioner, we kindly ask that you give us your children the justice that we deserve.

This is the saga of the CKC Arts Students. They are pleading to the WAE body, Ministry of Education to look into the matter and redress justice.