The Commissioner General, Ibrahim Brima Swaray has today had his maiden meeting with members of the Senior Management Team of the National Revenue Authority, with the aim to introduce and familiarise with the institution’s Operation and Support Departments.

In a very short statement, the Commissioner General Mr. Swarray introduced himself as a result oriented person, one who delivers results in the most obscure of situation and would therefore require results in terms of revenue generation on one hand, and the enhancement of management systems within the Authority on the other hand.

He commended members of the senior management for their contributions towards the work of the institution but was quick to demand more from the group because the Nations survival depended on the NRA.

The Commissioner General said that even though he is new in the institution, he needs the support of the management team to master the key functions as quick as possible in order to position the institution on the right trajectory.

Ibrahim Brima Swarray is expected to meet with the different departments at the National Revenue Authority as a way to familiarize and understand their duties and responsibilities.

Credit: Public Affairs and Tax Education Unit
National Revenue Authority