Conex Energy Sierra Leone issued a statement on May 27th, 2024, addressing a social media video circulating since May 26th. The video reportedly shows a customer service attendant at a Conex station engaging in an “unethical conversation” regarding fuel prices.

The statement, titled “Sale Of Fuel At The Unauthorized Pump Price (Le 30.00) Per Litre,” was sent to all Conex service station dealers. It references the video and emphasizes that Conex operates under the mandate of the Sierra Leone government.

Conex maintains that selling fuel above the official government price of Le 30 per liter is a breach of dealer contracts and could result in termination. The statement further warns that such actions violate Sierra Leonean law and regulations set by the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA). These violations are considered criminal and could lead to “very stiff penalties.”

Conex emphasizes that individual dealers will be held personally responsible for any unauthorized fuel sales at their stations.

“Please note that selling fuel at any price contrary to the official pump price of the Government of Sierra Leone which currently stands at Le 30 per litre is a breach of your Dealer Contract and may lead to termination of your Dealership. It is also a contravention of the laws of Sierra Leone in line with the statutory provisions of the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA) which is considered an act of criminality that will attract very stiff penalties.”