The Hospital care manager, Dr. Mustapha Med Kabba, during the official commissioning of wards 6 and 10 at the Connaught Teaching Hospital spoke on the successes they have made since they assumed office.

Dr Mustapha Kabba praised the Minister of Health, Deputy Minister, Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Chief Nursing Officer, Permanent secretary, partners and colleague members for leaving their tight schedules to honor the invitation to witness the commission of the two wards.

He said the construction of the ramp is crucial because the renovated ward 10 will serve as a Stroke Unit and the ramp is constructed for the purpose of enhancing the movement of the physically challenged patients in that unit.

He further disclosed that working in line with our strategic plan our administration had been working to ensure quality and reliable care to our patients in a friendly environment. As we move into phrase two of our strategic plan, with the expansion of services and specialized unit, the establishment of a stroke unit will clearly enhance the provision of specialist care in the hospital.

The Ramp will ease access to ward. A creation of toilet facility that are disabled friendly provide a better quality of life for the stroke patient. A staff working in a unit has undergone training in Ghana (Physiotherapists, Nurses, Doctors). This holistic package presented by the SISLE project         and implemented by our most supportive and trusted partners, King’s Partnership, is lead Cecily Bergstein in closed collaboration with physicians and Neurologists includes Dr. Fadlu Deen, Professor Lisk and the Head of Department (HOD), Dr. James Russell. It moved Connaught Hospital to a higher level of care for

The second highlight in this ceremony is the newly renovated ward 6 also the medical ward by TOSHPA represented by Madam Elizabeth Faley. Giving the background of the TOSHPA, Dr. Kabba said that it is a group of Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora who decided to support their agenda by the adoption of ward 6. They have done a good job in modernizing the ward, providing furniture and consequently creating a space for quality service delivery. We thank you for this kind of patriotic gesture. Thirdly, the contractor who have been engaged by the Government of Sierra Leone to perform renovation work at Connaught Hospital will be formally handed over by the Minister of Health and Sanitation to the administration of the Connaught Hospital.

He assured the Minister of Health, TOSHPA, Donors Partner and the citizens that they have a plan to make a positive change and they are ready to do more for quality healthcare service delivery to patients that come to Connaught. Dr. Kabba said that what this is clear manifestation of the promise they made to deliver to the country and they are very grateful for the support from and closed relationship from the Health Minister and the entire leadership at the health ministry, he also said that Connaught Hospital is experiencing positive and rapid transformation and several infrastructural development such as renovation of five wards in six months have taken place, Annex, doctor duty house are under renovation, the renovation of ward one, ward four and our patient Department (ODP) will commence soon, say Dr. Kabba.

He furthered that the laboratory is now equipped and supported with reagent to perform all basic laboratory investigation and the surgical theatre has been providing interrupted services for the past six months and complex fractures can now be managed for a minimal cost, he thanks to the collaboration with SIGH-Nail. Revenue mobilization activities, include the revision of the service charted will provide the necessary bases to further stabilized and enhance service delivery of this institution.

According to The Health Newspaper, Dr. Kabba also disclosed that the establishment of a burns unit will be part of their recommendation based on the experience they have had from the past and as a result of the fire disaster at PMP Wallington In the East of Freetown that killed hundreds of Sierra Leoneans and left hundreds injured. He furthermore explains that there is urgent need to improve imaging capability, by such things as acquiring a CT-Scan to support a specialized unit that have been established and safe life compatriots. Dr. Kabba encouraged all to be hopeful and optimistically look forward for the feature and advised all to put up a highly level of professionalism during duty hours to make sure that their patients feel comforted whilst in their care. He finally called on all staff to maintain the newly renovated wards and the newly constructed ramp for the betterment of all.