Dr. Mark Kapuwa, Hospital Care Manager at Connaught Hospital in Freetown, has announced the exciting launch of the Safer Surgery program.

Supported by Mercy Ships and the Ministry of Health, this initiative aims to significantly improve surgical outcomes and enhance patient safety across Sierra Leone.

In a statement released earlier today, Dr. Kapuwa expressed his enthusiasm about the program, highlighting its focus on quality improvement, training, and mentoring for peri-operative and sterile processing staff.

He emphasized that infrastructure enhancements are also integral to their strategy, ensuring that Connaught Hospital meets international standards in surgical care.

This initiative marks a pivotal moment for Connaught Hospital,” Dr. Kapuwa stated. “Together with our partners and the Ministry of Health, we are dedicated to elevating the standard of surgical care for our community.

Under Dr. Kapuwa’s leadership, Connaught Hospital has seen a series of transformative initiatives aimed at enhancing operational effectiveness and patient outcomes.

The Safer Surgery program represents a significant step forward in achieving these goals, promising a brighter and safer future for surgical patients in Sierra Leone