The Native Consortium and Research Center has issued an appeal to all citizens, emphasizing the paramount importance of peace and urging them to take all necessary measures to prevent any form of violence that may result in loss of life and destruction of property.

In a statement dated June 12, 2023, the consortium called upon everyone, without exception, to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner and participate in the upcoming elections on June 24.

Edmond Abu Jnr, CEO of the consortium, stated, “Our lives begin to lose meaning when we remain silent about matters of significance. If the international community, religious leaders, civil society organizations, the media, and political actors remain silent to prevent violence before, during, and after the upcoming elections, only to issue hollow press releases after bloodshed occurs, they too bear responsibility. I commend the US Embassy and other international moral guarantors, political parties, well-meaning CSOs, and non-state actors who have openly denounced violence and advocated for peace.”

Over the past three decades, the Native Consortium has consistently engaged in activities that promote public interest, including peaceful protests and similar endeavors.

The consortium further asserts that any attempts to incite violent protests prior to the election are baseless, senseless, ill-timed, and ultimately self-destructive for any opposition party.

Instead, the consortium suggests that the most effective way to voice discontent is through the ballot box, in order to avoid a recurrence of the unfortunate events that took place on August 10.