The much-anticipated construction of a crucial 14-kilometer road linking Makoloh Junction (second tollgate) through Songo to Koblo-Gulama, formerly Mabang Bridge, has commenced on November 1st this year.

This substantial infrastructure endeavor comes as a collaborative effort between the Government of Sierra Leone and the European Union, signifying a milestone in their joint development initiatives.

The agreement to initiate the road’s construction followed after meticulous planning and consensus between the EU and the Ministry of Finance, ensuring all necessary protocols were met. Scheduled for an official launch on November 15th in Songo township, the construction project is expected to address long-standing infrastructural needs, improving connectivity and economic prospects for the surrounding communities.

The genesis of this significant venture can be traced back to President Julius Maada Bio’s expressed concerns during the commissioning of the Koblo-Gulama bridge in July last year. He highlighted the vital importance of developing the road infrastructure to complement the newly constructed bridge, emphasizing the need to collaborate with the EU for the region’s socio-economic growth.

Extensive internal deliberations involving the National Authorising Office (NAO), Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA), Ministry of Finance, and the European Union Delegation in Sierra Leone culminated in the decision to jointly fund the initial 14-kilometer phase of the road. This collaboration underscores the commitment to foster development and progress within Sierra Leone.

Under the vigilant oversight of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, the National Authorising Office continues to facilitate the Government of Sierra Leone and European Union development cooperation, ensuring that this infrastructure project will significantly benefit the nation and its people.