Chairman of the APC Interim Transitional Governance Committee (ITGC) Alfred Peter Conteh has urged members of the party with complaints to address them directly to the political Parties Registration Council (PPRC).

On a post shared on social media, Peter conteh states that all members with complaint from the just concluded Reregistration process and the Constituency Election must address their complaints directly to PPRC.

Conteh noted that no petitions to the Transition Interim Independent Elections Management Committee,(TIIEMC) or any other body will be consider at this time. Additionally he encouraged that complaints can be Email to [email protected]

Check out his post below:

“Those with complaints from the recently concluded reregistration process and the alleged Constituency Elections must address their complaints to the PPRC-SL. No petitions to TIIEMC or any other body will be considered at this time
Additionally, Email to [email protected].” โ€” Alfred Peter Conteh (@Aconteh6) January 15, 2023