The Ministry of Transport and Aviation with transport stakeholders in a joint statement on Thursday March 19, 2020, pledged to implement all precautionary measures to prevent Incidence and spread of Coronavirus.

This came after a consultative meeting with stakeholder from the transport sector in which they unanimously agreed to implement precautionary measures to prevent and contain the coronavirus in the country.

According to the joint press statement, overloading in all public and private vehicles is prohibited. In addition, no standing on vehicles should be allowed by motorist, and also no passenger should be allowed to seat in the middle of vehicles.

The Transport Ministry prescribes that all motor rickshaw (“kekehs”) must carry at most two passengers at a time.

The statement indicates that commercial and private vehicles without ventilation would not be allowed to ply the streets and also recommended that hand washing and temperature checking facilities should be made available in all lorries, motorcycles and tricycles, parks or terminals across the country.

The joint press statement also encouraged motorist to have sanitizers on board
their vehicles, bikes and auto rickshaws.

The Ministry of Transport instructed the Sierra Leone Police and the Sierra Leone Road Safety Corps to enforce these measures with immediate effect.