The Registrar of the University of Sierra Leone has been accused of procuring materials for the University without following procurement laws and processes.

The Registrar, Mrs Olive Barrie is alleged to have stopped a bidding process, asking biders like AA Enterprise, Solution Center, Eddie K enterprises were part of. The bidding conducted on 23rd Jul, 2021 was for the procurement of office and learning materials for the University.

It is alleged that the Registrar had, after halting a bidding, gone ahead to procure materials meant for the University from China without the due procurement process.

The Registrar is also said to have transferred the Procurement Officer of the University, Mrs Ettie Johnson to the Exams Office of College of Medicine. In the course of this, the Chairman of IPAM Procurement Unit is said to have been sacked.

Reacting to these, the Chief Executive of the National Procurement Authority, Mr. Brima Swarray, has written a letter to the University of Sierra Leone, condemning the non-compliance with procurement processes, and requesting the University to stop the distribution of all materials procured from China.

Responding the issue of inadequate facilities at USL, Dr. Mahoi of the Engineering Faculty, FBC, stated that the Engineering Faculty has four months without stationeries, whiteboard markers. Dr. Mahoi expressed his disappointment over the administration of the University of Sierra Leone, adding that classrooms are left to filthy in the Engineering Faculty.