President Bio has responded to Dr. Samura Kamara’s accusations of calling the SLPP and NGC alliance ‘Lip Service’.

Dr. Samura Kamara in an interview with Sierra Leone’s BBC reporter when asked if he is concerned with the president’s alliance with other political parties responded that it does not worry him because it is a lip service alliance.

President Bio in his response when asked what he made up of Dr. Samura’s statement stated that the NGC party with which he is in alliance is a great party that has shown itself throughout its existence.

President Bio stated that he will be dedicating his second term in office to approaching all progressive groups including the APC for the peace, security, and development of the country.

He also stated that he does not have a 1961 agender for Sierra Leone but the fourth industrial revolution which he cannot achieve alone but with the help of well-meaning Sierra Leoneans.

He continued that he has also recently joined an alliance with some APC members who have spent almost all their lives in the APC but have realized the programs he put forward are for the good of the country.

He said there is only one Sierra Leone and if anyone has to put their egos aside for its growth should have the courage to do so which he said Dr. Kandeh Yumkell and others have done.

He said many APC supporters are on the verge of transforming to the SLPP due to the social contract his party has kept under very difficult circumstances.

He concluded by stating that he believed Sierra Leone will have a peaceful election and called on citizens to comply with law and order for a peaceful outcome of the elections.