The spokespeson for the National COVID Response Center NaCOVERC, Solomon Jamiru, has said that 73 percent of young people in Sierra Leone has tested positive for COVID.

He made this statement today in the daily one minute advise video he makes on social media.

In the video he made mention that all the people in the country that has tested positive for the virus are below 45-years old and it was this same batch of people that pass the virus on to old people.

The statement came about when he was advising old people in the country to go for their COVID 19 Vaccine as they are the batch with Comorbid condition.

In medicine, comorbidity is the presence of one or more additional conditions often co-occurring with a primary condition. Comorbidity describes the effect of all other conditions an individual patient might have other than the primary condition of interest, and can be physiological or psychological.

Jamiru ended the video by calling on all Sierra Leoneans to look around their community for sick or aged people and to encourage them to go take their COVID Vaccines, as it is their duty to do so. โ€