A white Nissan minibus that crashed into a sidewalk in the central business district of the Sierra Leonean capital, Freetown has been left abandoned.

The minibus which is believed to have crashed late on Wednesday night was still seen at the scene on Friday morning.

The crashed vehicle could be seen blocking the larger part of the pedestrian sidewalk close to Rokel Commercial Bank on Siaka Stevens Street.

There was no report of casualties at the moment but the minibus ripped off the sidewalk railing and guard.

Pedestrians at the scene on Thursday morning suggested that the accident could have been as a result of brake failure.

โ€œIt seems as if the bus lost control coming from Gloucester Street,โ€ said a middle-aged man dressed in plaid shirt with khaki pants.

The area of the crash was cordoned off after the accident.

Siaka Stevens Street is located at the heart of Freetown. The street hosts very important offices and businesses.

Such accidents in this part of the city is rare as the street is most times clogged with traffic-jam especially on weekdays.