Cribs international, Sierra Leone’s one stop shop multimedia and entertainment company with full capacity to stage, produce, manage contents and project across the Mano river union has on a Public Notice dated 30th December, 2022 reacted to The Therapist disassociating himself from the record label.

Early this year, Jacob Evangelista professionally known as The Therapist signed a entertainment contract with Cribs International, the act has been working with the label since then until lately both parties showed unfriendly working environment in accordance to their binding agreements.

Following up to the public notice issued by Cribs International warning individuals and record labels to desist from working with The Therapist without their knowledge. Jacob The Therapist replied on his Instagram handle with a snippet video that sarcastically bashed the label.

This hidden conflicts between The Therapist and his former record label as he announced lately has got Sierra Leoneans perplexed as the reasons to these misunderstanding and wild allegations from both parties.

On Wednesday 28th December, 2022, The Therapist on one of his post disassociated himself from Cribs International and continued that he has taken legal actions against the label and the CEO, Sho Cole.

On this regard, from the Executive Management of the label, disclosed to the public that that their Artist, Jacob Evangelista a.k.a Therapist renowned for the song โ€œNACKโ€ had gone rogue and was acting in breach of his contract with the label.

The label continued that their lawyers had duly reminded the Therapist of his contractual obligations and the consequences of his break of their valid and enforceable contract. Cribs continued that, whilst the team was seeking for him to realise the consequences of his actions on his music career and return for the lable to continue to prmote his music in their collective interest and Sierra Leone, the Therapist proceeded to commence an action in the High Court of Sierra Leone against our label and its CEO.

“The case has just started in Court, no judgment has been passed against anyone. Until that is done the Therapist who himself took the case to Court cannot be the Judge to pronounce the invalidity of that contract and state that he has severed ties with Cribs. We have taken legal advice and can confidently assert that Cribs and the Therapist have a valid and enforceable contract…” Cribs mentioned with dismay.

Responding to the allegations levied against them of fraudulent misrepresentation, defamation and undue influence, Cribs denies in the strongest possible terms any and all allegations of wrongdoing in our engagements with Jacob, the Therapist as he alleges. Cribs continued that, they invested into The Therapist because they saw a talent in Jacob that they could develop to serve as a spring board to showcase what Sierra Leone can offer the entertainment world with the fervent hope that, he would not allow himself to be confused and threaten his career just about in infancy stage to infamy.

Since The Therapist has sued the label to Court, the label responded that they met with their legal advisers and confident in the weight of the evidence they have, the strength of the case and their very competent team of professional advisers working on the issue.

Cribs assure all that they shall defend fully and take appropriate action against anyone in any and every country where Jacob seeks to perpetruate his breach of contract. They continued that, they shall seek full compensation for the breach, our lost revenues and expenses we are now incurring on professional advisers working on the issue.

Cribs International concluding by wishing a happy new year and a prosperous 2023 to all its supporters.