A pregnant woman residing on Campbell Street in Makeni city almost lost her life in labour on August 23rd, 2021.

According to eyewitness report, the woman started feeling labour pain at 1:30am at her house on the date above but because it was already curfew, she could not access transportation from her house to the hospital.

Reports say she had to be accompanied by family members as they walked an approximate distance of a minimum half a kilometer on foot to reach the Makeni Government Hospital.

According to AYV News, it took them more than an hour to cover half the distance as there were lots of stops on their way. The pain was becoming unbearable to an extent that witness say they feared she could deliver on the road.

It was during one of those stops that they heard a vehicle engine headed their way. One of them was left to tend to the pregnant lady, while the other went to see if they could get help.

She beckoned the driver and fortunately for her the driver stopped to enquire what the problem was. They were also carrying a woman in the same condition as theirs.

They took them along to the hospital, where there were two others waiting to be delivered of their babies.

Witnesses say it was the swift intervention of the Medical Superintendent of the Makeni Regional Hospital, Dr. Mohamed Sheku and his committed team of staff that saved the lives of these women and their babies.

All four went through Caesarean sections successfully with no known complications so far.