Second witness of the prosecution of the alleged illegal of ammunition case has said he was not at the Queen Elizabeth Quay when the arms were uncovered.

The second witness, Mohamed Massaquoi, a customs officer made this statement on August 16, 2021 during cross examination by the defense counsel of third accused.

Asked whether it is a normal practice to check vehicles in the absence of owners by Lawyer Lansana Dumbuya, defense counsel of the accused, Mr. Massaquoi said vehicles are always checked in the presence of their owners or their representatives.

Lawyer Dumbuya is the defense counsel of the third accused, Honorable Emmanuel Saidu Conteh, who is charged with aiding and abetting the illegal importation of arms.

Honorable Emmanuel Saidu Conteh, an opposition member of Parliament for Constituency 129, who is on bail, was alleged to have involved in the illegal importation of fire arms.