The National Cyber Security Coordination Council in Sierra Leone has on the 1st February, 2024 launched the school outreach initiative that will work on nurturing a cyber-smart generation in the council.

The National Cyber Security Coordination Council works on the mandate of providing support to computer systems and networks in preventing and combating cybercrime in Sierra Leone, formulating and implementing national cybersecurity policy and cyber security strategy as well as carry out other assignments necessary for the adequate performance of the functions of the relevant security and enforcement agencies under the Act among many others.

Based on their vison on credible and secured cyberspace that protects national interests while empowering citizens with the freedom to safety use of the internet for socio-economic benefit in the country that they have worked on the launch of its School Outreach initiative.

This program according to them is aimed to engage students in a meaningful conversation about digital safety, making them aware of cybersecurity’s importance and how they can contribute to a safer online community. Through interactive sessions, handouts and the establishment of school clubs, NC3 is inspiring a new generation to champion digital security.

Many Sierra Leoneans view this as a step in the right direction as the internet usage in the high schools in becoming prominent among pupils and the universities as well and the launch can serve a greater role in bridging the gap in the negative use of the internet and improve the space.