The National Cybersecurity Coordination Center has established a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University Africa to train and enhance youths’ coordination.

This was done in an organized three-day Cybersecurity Workshop on the theme “Guardians of the Digital Realm.”

The workshop aimed to equip educators and students with the necessary skills and knowledge to securely navigate the digital world and to consider cybersecurity as a promising career option for the youths’ population in Sierra Leone.

Mariama Yormah, the Coordinator for the National Cybersecurity Coordination Center, highlighted the critical importance of cybersecurity and the growing opportunities in the field, adding that, this is based on helping and encouraging students, particularly women, to pursue cybersecurity careers, citing the escalating demand for professionals in the sector. She maintained that, this may be a tight step in the right direction that would help them boost their self-esteem.

The Deputy Minister of Communications, Technology & Innovation, Ibrahim Sannoh, reiterated the government’s commitment to supporting technology and innovation, underlining the ministry’s unwavering support for the NC3. He added that the ministry is well committed to making sure that cyber security is enhanced and pushed forward at all times.

In her statement, Sia Fasuluku, Director of Research Planning and Development from the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education, told all present that, the training is very important and timely to upgrade themselves and in turn serve the country. She encouraged them not to keep what has got but to utilise them within their communities for a total and sustainable development.

Professor Redwood-Sawyer, the keynote speaker, spoke on the crucial role of cybersecurity, its ethical considerations, and the imperative need for “Guardians of the Digital Realm” calling on the beneficiaries to make good use of the knowledge gained.