The daughter of Former President Ernest Bai Koroma, Ms Dankay Koroma has been named among the declared wanted fugitives in the list updated by the Sierra Leone Police.

The updated list was released today by the Sierra Leone Police in relation to failed attempted coup on November 26th, 2023.

Dankay fled Sierra Leone after the 2018 elections following allegations of her involvement in the death of journalist, Ibrahim Samura. A jury returned a verdict of not guilty in the murder case in 2021 and two persons who were standing trial were acquitted and discharged.

According to reports, Ms Koroma is currently residing in the UK.

Her father, the former president, about five days ago, was also summoned by the police to its headquarters for questioning on the same failed coup attempt.

His summon follows the arrest of his former security guard, Amadu Koita, who is still held in police custody.

The development arose from the attack launched by dozens of gunmen on Nov. 26 in Sierra Leone’s capital of Freetown during which the Sierra Leone’s key armory and the Pademba Road prison were broken into.

The attack led to the death of about 18 servicemen and more than 2,000 prisoners set free.

The police have arrested over 50 suspects, including military officers and declared dozens wanted.