On Saturday, June 8, 2024, Chief Professor David John Francis, the Founding Father of the Liberals at Fourah Bay College (FBC), University of Sierra Leone (USL), joined the Liberals family to celebrate their anniversary. This significant event highlighted the enduring legacy and impact of the Liberals, a student activist and leadership group that has grown influential since its inception in 1992.

Chief Professor David John Francis, despite his demanding schedule, took the time to participate in the celebrations, offering a vivid recount of the formation of the Liberals at Fourah Bay College. His presence was a testament to his commitment to the values and mission of the organization he established over three decades ago.

The anniversary celebration included a health walk, emphasizing the Liberals’ dedication to promoting not only social and political activism but also the well-being of their members and the community. This event drew a significant turnout, reflecting the widespread presence and influence of the Liberals across Sierra Leonean society.

In his address, Chief Professor Francis reminisced about the early days of the Liberals, describing the challenges and triumphs that marked their journey. He highlighted how the group, initially a small band of student activists, has grown into a formidable political force with members excelling in various sectors of life across Sierra Leone. The Liberals’ commitment to leadership and activism has remained steadfast, making them a potent and respected group in the country’s political landscape.

The Liberals’ impact is evident in their members’ contributions to different facets of Sierra Leonean society, from politics and education to business and social services. Their exceptional performance and dedication to progressive values have cemented their reputation as a vital political activist group.

The anniversary celebration served as a moment of reflection and renewal for the Liberals. It underscored the enduring relevance of the principles upon which the group was founded and highlighted the significant strides they have made in shaping the sociopolitical landscape of Sierra Leone. Chief Professor David John Francis’s participation and his recount of the group’s formation were inspirational, reinforcing the Liberals’ commitment to activism, leadership, and community service.