The minister of Basic Senior Secondary School Education on Saturday 6th August 2022 wrote a letter addressing school pupils to write him back about their holiday and thing they may want politicians to do in their communities.

The minister’s letter to pupils has gone viral and have started attracting the attention of pupils as the minister started receiving responses today Tuesday 9th August 2020 few days after publishing his letter.

Today the minister tweeted he has received two letters from a class two and class six pupils at his office.
The two pupils are Ndeleiva and Nyanjeva as Ndeleiva is requesting for good road and adequate water supply in her community.

“Wow! Today I received my first 2 letters hand delivered to my office from a Class 2 & Class 6 pupil. How exciting to meet you Ndeleiva and Nyanjeva! Ndeleiva- I hope politicians would’ve fixed your road & water by the time you finish school so you can fix other issues! Thank you!”.