The police Regional Commander of Freetown-East, ACP Dr. John Martin Senesie, led a joint operation on Thursday, July 27th, 2023, to enforce a ban on street trading at Sani Abacha Street.

The operation successfully cleared the street of traders’ stalls, tables, and ‘baffers,’ as police maintained a strong presence to ensure law and order.

Despite the ban, some disgruntled traders expressed their discontent by resorting to disruptive tactics. They blockaded the street with old tyres, sticks, and stones in an attempt to hinder traffic flow.

However, the police promptly intervened, dispersing the crowd and deploying additional personnel along Sani Abacha Street to ensure strict enforcement of the no-street trading policy.

The crackdown on street trading comes as authorities strive to regulate urban commerce and maintain order in the bustling city.

Further updates on the situation are expected to follow as authorities continue to monitor the area closely.