Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister, Dr David Moinina Sengeh, has disclosed that he has no intention to run for President.

The Technology and Education professional recently sparked widespread curiosity with his decision to part ways with his signature dreadlocks, which he had proudly worn for 17 years.

However, amidst speculation and rumors circulating in the country, Sengeh has firmly stated that he harbors no intentions to pursue the presidency.

He made this disclosure in an opinion piece penned in the Washington Post.

The unexpected transformation in his hairstyle ignited speculation among Sierra Leoneans, with many questioning whether it signified an imminent presidential bid.

Responding to the question, Sengeh stated: “No, I’m not.” He added that on the contrary, he thinks a president with dreadlocks would be very cool.

Explaining the rationale behind his drastic hair change, Sengeh emphasized that his decision was not driven by political ambition. He clarified, “My locs didn’t start as a public statement, though that became loud enough over the years. I just liked them.” Sengeh elaborated that he now prefers his shorter, simpler hairstyle, which allows him to blend into crowds without being readily recognized.

“I am me — a hip-hop-rapping, pick-up-soccer-playing politician who travels Sierra Leone, and the world, advocating radical inclusion,” Sengeh affirmed. He concluded by expressing doubt that his choice of hairstyle would alter his identity or diminish his commitment to promoting inclusivity and progressive change.