Education Minister David Moinina Sengeh has embarked on Distributing 56,000 learning contents for Underperforming Schools.

The  Minister stated on his social media platforms that their guiding principles as a ministry are categorized into three major areas which are Universal Acess; Quality learning and teaching; and Radical inclusion

He emphasized that”When we speak about quality, we speak about the system . How everyone does and not just how the best do. We speak about those who also got Zero% scores. and what can we do differently?”

The education Minister enlighten the public that the project of printing books for Underperforming schools ( those who score low on national transition exams) is meant to equip their teachers to do better . He confirms that this is their second year, and their analysis indicate that those students indeed do better. He justifies that bringing this paper technology with quality will helps improve the performance and learning outcomes.

Dr Sengeh assure the public that the Ministry will also put the contents online through the Learning passport Portal and the MBSSE Website.