Office of the Ambassador on Entertainment and Investment, Amara Dennis Turay popularly known as Kao Denero has unveiled Kenyan Rapper, Khaligraph Jones as the guest for Back to My Root festival that will take place on 7th May, 2022 at Tokeh Beach.

Kao Denero was appointed as Special Envoy for Entertainment and Investment on 12th March 2021 by President Julius Maada Bio. After his appointment, he brought many ideas to the entertainment industry. One his initiatives was to united the industry and create a platform to give opportunity to upcoming musicians, filmmakers and others to showcase their talents.

However, the Personal Assistant, Alim O. Kamara shared an update of the upcoming event. He writes;

Following the establishment of the Office of the Ambassador on Entertainment situated at 58 Bathurst Street Freetown, Ambassador Kao Denero has been working very hard to lighten the Entertainment Industry with very brilliant initiatives.

During his leadership he has fought very hard for the industry to have a national website to showcase past and present entertainers which would be unveiled very soon.

Going forward, as we all know that the Film Industry has been crumbling compared to that of the Music Industry, there is going to be a National Film Festival organized by the Entertainment Ambassador so different film productions will have the opportunity to showcase their movies.

Also, the Back to my Root Festival is an activity introduced by Ambassador Kao Denero that aims to be celebrated in May, in which Khaligraph Jones   would be joining us to grace this remarkable activity. The Office of the Ambassador on Entertainment and Investment has also sent official invitations to the following entertainers as it looks forward to their respective responses for the aforementioned activity.

  1. K-man
  2. Markmuday
  3. Colabo
  4. Arkman
  5. Famous
  6. Star Zee
  7. Empress P
  8. Rap G
  9. LXG
  10. Del Vaqyo
  11. Krackwist & Samza
  12. LAJ
  13. Drizilik
  14. Emmerson
  15. Melody
  16. Dallas B

As the Entertainment Ambassador is also concern about the welfare of the entertainers, he has cropped up with the notion that some of the proceeds received from the Back to My Root Festival would be used to open special ACCOUNT to contribute towards the treatment of any sick entertainer.

Ambassador Kao Denero is ready to work relentlessly to uplift the country’s Entertainment Industry.