Chief Minister Dr. David Monina Sengeh is celebrating the recognition of his book, “Radical Inclusion,” as one of Amazon’s Top 20 Business and Leadership Books of 2023. Published by Macmillan, this non-fiction work stands out as a unicorn, shedding light on positive African stories in the realm of leadership.

“Radical Inclusion” transcends conventional boundaries, offering practical insights into diverse leadership scenarios, whether around dinner tables or within African Union VIP lounges. Sengeh’s book serves as a manual for leaders, be they ministers, business executives, or individuals facing critical decisions in various aspects of life.

The book’s core lies in real-life stories and genuine relationships, reflecting Sengeh’s ongoing commitment to its principles. “Radical Inclusion” doesn’t just narrate; it impacts, with Sengeh envisioning a more just world through seven clear and simple steps outlined in the book.

Sengeh emphasizes hope throughout the narrative, portraying a vision of a more inclusive workplace, home, and world. For those seeking inspiration and practical guidance, “Radical Inclusion” promises to be a beacon of hope and a compelling read. Anticipation is building for the paperback version, slated for release in the upcoming year, with further details to be unveiled soon.