Sierra Leone’s Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education and Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Moinina Sengeh has assured that the girls who were twerking at St Joseph’s Convent Secondary School in Freetown will not be expelled nor will they be suspended.

He made this assurance following calls for the girls to be suspended or expelled.

The minister said there are certain things he believes in with his core-one of them being Freedom and the other is Education for all.

He said this is why it was such a distinct pleasure to collaborate with Youssou Ndour and several leading artists in the Raise Your Hand Single.

The minister stated: “I also want to use this short moment to respond to those who are calling for the girls who were twerking at St Joseph’s Convent to be suspended or expelled (no, they weren’t expelled nor will they be suspended)”.

He went on; “girls must be girls. Children must be children. Do not talk about children’s body parts. Do not sexualise the play of children. Do not make a big deal out of children dancing and yes twerking in school (an all girls’ school, in their classroom, on their lunch break.)”

“I am tremendously proud of the leadership of St Joseph’s Convent. They called the girls, they engaged them in counselling. They also called the parents. Those girls are proudly in their final year of school and we wish them good luck in their exams. It is sad they’ve been subjected to so much online bullying” Minister Sengeh noted.

He said it brings a few things to his attention-how they create and share digital content. “Did those girls consent on sharing their videos? When you share and make sexual innuendos, do you know you are contributing to the gender-based violence?” Minister Sengeh questioned, adding; “Imagine you advocate for a girl who has spent 12 years in school to get expelled for twerking in school 1 month before her exam… what did you dream last night to have so much hate in you for children?”

“Anyway, we believe in and provide 13 years public education for all children and if you are a girl in STEM, 17 years. Now back to this music… I am very very happy!”