Recalling the official announcement of the 2022 WASSCE results by the Minister of Basic Senior Secondary School Education (MBSSE) David Moinina Sengeh on SLBC TV, it came out from the analysis of the data that the pass rates from students were never seen before in fhe history of Sierra Leone Education.

Education is the major flagship programme of the new direction government of President Maada Bio. The government has invested huge amounts of resources to the education sector over these past years. As their investment seems positive from the outcomes of the public exams, the government of Sierra Leone has registered the best WASSCE results ever in the history of Sierra Leone.

Notwithstanding the joy and happiness from the parents and students sides, there has been some Sierra Leoneans who seemed skeptical over the pass rate of the results.

One of them is the prominent fake degree whistle blower Dr. John Idriss Lahai, who in his mind’s eye has lots of questions for the Minister with regards to the results.

On a post dated Wednesday 28 September, 2022, Dr. Lahai alleged that this year’s WASSCE results are Campaign WASSCE. As skeptical as ever before, he further probed questions on pass rate.

This na Elections Campaign WASSCE Result. How many fail dis year? Na magic pass rates. 

Push don reach to shove; Monkey don know sae ihn Master wan feed am with pepper because banana don finish. Ranka Dr David Sengeh” Dr. Lahai questioned the pass rate of the results.

Adding violence (Vawulence) as it is known in the blue app, Dr. John Idriss Lahai posted today again bashing at the office of the Minister, David Moinina Sengeh. According to Dr. Lahai, his niece who was in class five attempted the the 2022 WASSCE exam and did extremely well. Dr. Lahai affirmed that she knows nothing about Financial Accounting and yet got C6.

Me Uncle ihn Daughter wae dae Class Five attempted this year’s WASSCE. She performed well: she get 3As and 2Bs. The rest na Credits. She nor know watin na Financial Accounting (so she nor take de exams), but she get C6.

Congratulate her for me,”  He posted.

Responding to this 2022 WASSCE saga, Minister of Education David Moinina Sengeh questioned Sierra Leoneans ‘where is the Love?’ if people are really mad that children are doing better given all the investments from the the government.

“I don’t understand. 

Are you really mad that children are doing better given all the investments we’ve made? 

Where’s the Love?” Sengeh posted.

As Sengeh received more bashes that he couldn’t hold back any longer, he seriously pounced on Dr. John Idriss Lahai calling him ‘Kongosa Intellect’. The Minister continued that, Dr. Lahai used to tag him on his post but has suddenly feared him for reasons we are yet to know.

We have a #KongosaIntellectual named DrJohn Idriss Lahai who refuses to tag me when he wants to spread misinformation. Here, you used to tag me but now na secret you dae debate?

I’ll tell you about the NGO Consortium which is perhaps one of the most innovative education service delivery methods ever by a government in GPE. It’s so good that other countries are copying it”

Adding to this post, David Moinina Sengeh referenced Dr. Lahai to links he could dig in more about the works of the Minister.

The social media saga still continues as we await who fires next!