One of the things our government focused on early was the credibility of our examinations and ensuring the leadership of WAEC is responsive to the government and to the children. What have we achieved in the last few years? Here are five:

1. All recommendations from the Presidential Taskforce on Examination Malpractice (which included State House, MBSSE, MTHE, ACC, SLP, WAEC, etc) established in 2018/2019 have been completed or being executed.

2. We signed a Communique on reducing Examination Malpractice across all Gov’t entities. That communique is being enforced.

3. ACC (Scorpion Squad) continues to work with MBSSE to find folks who engage in Malpractice. ACC added Examination Malpractice as a corruption offence.

4. All examiners were paid in time last year by WAEC. Same will happen again this year thanks to their excellent leadership.

5. There were no paper leakages reported last year and this year for public or privatoffense.