Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, David Moinina Sengeh  in observation of how different the government schools are from the private, has propose a better solution to ensure both gets equitable access to quality education.

According to Minister Sengeh, the government pays examination fees for all children in the Basic Education level (NPSE and BECE), provides support for all schools during emergencies including supplies and training, provides services like Buses, Libraries, Education Radio and more to all schools, invests in, and develops curriculum and policy for all schools, learning competitions and opportunities supported by Government and partners are for all children.

He added that the biggest distinctions between Public and Private schools in Sierra Leone is that Government pays school fees subsidies only to Public schools, pays examination fees at the Senior Secondary School level only for Public Schools as at 2021, Only teachers in Public schools can be on Government payroll and Core teaching and that learning and sporting materials are only provided to Public schools.

He affirmed that the line between Private School and Public School Education is blurry, which is why they will spend a bit more time to engage private schools this year to ensure that they have equitable access to quality education for all.

He ended with these few words: “ As a government, it is in our interest to ensure all children can access quality education. As a government, it is our priority to ensure that Public Education which is what majority of our children access is at same levels across the board as private schools. As indicated in this year’s Global Education Monitoring Report,   there’s a role for all actors in education including state and non-state actors. Let’s continue our education transformation in #Sierra Leone”