Following to the controversy between the state and the Sierra Leone Medical and Dental Association (SLMDA) over the government of Sierra Leone meeting to their demands made on their 21 day strike notice. SLMDA after meeting with the Vice president agreed that the strike should continue if their demands are not met.

On day one of their strike, BBC Sierra Leone correspondence Umaru Fofana visited the Connaught hospital to asses the impact of the strike. According to the reporter, on his arrival at the hospital he noticed there wasn’t any sign of a doctor in the hospital as dozens of patients sat in the hospital hopeless with no doctor to attend to them.

On day two of the strike, the executives of the strike had a meeting with the Vice president of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh. The key reason to their meeting was to discuss and agree on possible ways to end the strike when their would be a win-win negotiation between the state and the SLMDA. The meeting went successful but still insisted to their demands.

On the third of the strike, Sierra Leonean doctors and dentists met and resolved that there indefinite industrial action should continue. Notwithstanding this, they also agreed to drop their call for a backlog of their pay deferential from May to August when the new pay rise comes to effect.

According to many, this compromise is however predicted on the basis that the government of Sierra Leone has agreed to pay their weekly 45 liters of fuel in cash as they have asked in their strike notice.

Their position will now be sent to the health minister for onward transmission to the Vice President. If the government buys into this tomorrow, the strike which has left hundreds of patients stranded in hospitals across the country, will be called off.” Umaru Fofana

When their cries are heard by the government today, the strike will be called off instantly.