Amara Dennis Turay popularly known as nero who is also the Entertainment Ambassador has in a post on social media Responded to fellow musician Aklass after he alleged that the Entertainment Ambassador is broke and can’t pay child support.

Responding to Aklass Beef Koa Denero has taken to social media to clear the air about the allegation that he has been held up in the US due to issues of child support

The Entertainment Ambassador said he is a responsible and solid Dad who takes care of his responsibilities

Read his full post below;

Why is everybody mad tho?
Some older folks don’t like it when you elevated and start to wear suites like them
Some of your peers are just frustrated and mad and just want you to remain on the same level as them
Dead truck drivers looking for musical relevance through my name damn.
They spread fake rumors to discredit my reputation.
I will let y’all know what unfortunately held me up here and trust it’s not child support lol.
My daughter’s daughter sold Dad who takes care of his responsibilities the best way I could.
Am hoping you all apologize to me once I put it all out.
Thankfully have never been an individual with a bad record.
Being the entertainment ambassador is just a title guys, chill out and be at peace.
Let’s all get money, raise our kids and make our country sierra leone proud.
Rock with me this Friday in Columbus.
Am inviting the whole Dry yai crew, noble and rfm.
We are older now guys
Get over it.