One Deen Foundation has Organised Its 5th Annual Ramadan Conference at the Freetown City Council Auditorium.

The rationale behind the formation of the Conference isย  to create a platform to discuss issues that are affecting the Muslim community and also bridging the gap between Sheikhs, Inspirational speakers and the rest of the Muslim community, the One Deen Foundation hosts its key conference under a more suitable name “Annual Ramadan Conference”.

This year’s conference hosts 11 speakers for 2 days who ranges from various background including Sheikhs, Activists, Influential Personnel, a lawyer, etc. In attendance where also Imams, Journalists, organisational leaders, activists, youths and the general Muslims.

There were sponsors who helped for this year’s program to be a sucess especially for Speakers such as Sheikh Ibrahim Barrie, Dr. Ramadan Jalloh, Shk. Farouk and more, Mr Ashraf of Akkad Service Center, Sheikh Fuadh, Country Director of Ummah Welfare Trust, Alhaji Murtada Sesay, Vice President of Inter Religious Council, Deputy Mayor of Freetown City Council, and to our media partners such as SL Islamic Web-SLIWEB TV , HALAL PROMO Network , Inside salone, and Nito Photography.

The organizers of the conference express to give thanks and appreciation to all their sincere Staffs and volunteers for their scarifice towards the success of the conference.

They further beseech Allah to always forgive our mistakes and grant us our good deeds in this world and the hereafter.