Water crisis has been a major problem in Deep Eye Water Community located in the Western Area Rural District.

The community people scramble to get water from a hand-dug well that is even unsafe for a growing population that uses water to do almost everything.

One of the residents, Aminata Sesay, said: “even the water we get from boreholes has health implications on us which by extension affect our livelihood”.

Basiru Kamara is a community stakeholder who dug a well in the community for people to access water but he said that is not enough to cater to the huge population.
“We even have issues with the sustainability, especially during the dries not to talk of maintenance because there is a lot of work that needs to be done on the well and I don’t have money to complete the construction of the well”, he said.

He further narrated that when it rains heavily, water from drainage enters the well which takes time to clean before they can manage to scope what they described as clean water for domestic use and even drinking. He added that during the dry season they have to wait for at least two days to allow water to gather in the well before fetching it which affects their daily routine.

The residents ended up pleading with humanitarian organizations and the government to help them while empathizing with the importance of water as a basic amenity needed for a healthy life.