Famous female Sierra Leonean RnB and Afro-pop singer, who goes by the stage name of “Delvaqyo” has on Monday, 17 January, 2023 decided to bless her Facebook followers with sexy recent pictures.

Delvaqyo is the estranged fiancée of Sierra Leone’s Entertainment Ambassador, Amara Turay, commonly known as “Kao Denero” on the music stage.

However, the romantic relationship between her and Kao as at the time of press, is unknown, as fans and commentators on her pictures seem to be making sarcastic comments in line with her love affairs with the entertainment Ambassador of Sierra Leone.

Fans and critics of Delvaqyo gave mixed reactions in regards of her decision to post the romantic pictures on her Blue-App’s account. Delvaqyo, however, seem not to be worried with the comments coming from both critics and fans.

Check out the photos along with the caption below:

Reminder: You don’t have to explain why u want what u want, do what u do, or love what u love. You are allowed to live a life that some people don’t understand.
Ur favorite girl
Lil miss sunshine