Yusuf Keketoma Sandi Esq, the Deputy Minister of Information and Civic Education said on his X (Twitter) account that the lawyers of APC referring to the charges levied against the former President of Sierra Leone – Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma as ‘trumped-up charges’ is premature.

Lawyer Joseph Kamara shared a video on social media days after the Former President was charged with treason commenting on the interrogation done by the Sierra Leone Police. He said in the video that the Police were only asking about the Former President relationship with the arrested convict on the November 26 attack.

The Deputy Minister went on to say that “As Lawyers, we are always advised to resist the temptation of mixing the LAW and POLITICS in cases before the Court.The Procedure laid down in Preliminary Investigation provides an opportunity for every Accused to be heard in answer to the charges and to call any witnesses.”

The Minister went on to say that it is mandatory that the evidence of the Accused together with his witnesses be taken in like manner as in the case of the witnesses of the Prosecution.

In the end, he cautioned the APC lawyers and advise them to be guided by the legal Maxim.

“Therefore, at this stage, for anyone to describe the charges as “trumped-up charges under a political vendetta” is clearly PREMATURE. Worse still, it is a cavalier attempt not only to POLITICISE the case but also to create SENSATIONALISM in the media. We must all be guided by the legal maxim: Nemo est supra leges (No one is above the laws).”