The Deputy Minister of Information and Civic Education, Yusuf Keketoma Sandi has revealed that, they will work harder in sharing credible information and strengthening the democracy of the Sierra Leone.

He maintained that, they will not get tired as a government and a ministry to work in in strengthening the democratic credentials and how they can also consolidate national peace and cohesion within the country, adding that, they have put strategic mechanisms in place to be having a first-hand credible information to help the people of Sierra Leone understands the happenings and running of the governments at different intervals.

He maintained that, they will also try to making sure that, the social media is always filled with information that are credible and counter all the fake ones from individuals trying to disturb the peace of the nation. โ€œWe will continue to talk about strengthening our democratic credentials and how we can consolidate national peace and cohesion. We bring the right people to give you the facts so that you will not fooled by social mediaโ€ he stated.