During the weekly press briefing on April 30th, 2024, Bockarie Abdel Aziz Bawoh, the Deputy Minister of Information and Civic Education, stirred a crucial dialogue regarding electricity theft in the nation.

In his address, he advocated for a comprehensive discussion on the punitive measures to be imposed on individuals caught stealing electricity.

Bawoh’s impassioned plea underscored the necessity for collective action in addressing the rampant issue of electricity theft plaguing the country. He emphasized the need for citizens to actively participate in shaping the discourse surrounding the consequences of such illegal activities.

We should be having a conversation about how many years we should send people to jail if we catch them stealing electricity,” Bawoh asserted, highlighting the gravity of the offense and the need for stringent penalties to deter potential offenders. He urged citizens to embrace their role as catalysts for change within the electricity sector, stressing that proactive measures are imperative to combat the persistent challenges facing the nation’s energy infrastructure.

The Deputy Minister’s remarks underscored the government’s commitment to tackling electricity theft and ensuring the integrity of the national energy grid. By initiating a dialogue on sentencing guidelines for offenders, Bawoh sought to galvanize stakeholders into action, emphasizing that collective efforts are essential to effecting meaningful change.

Bawoh’s call to action resonated with stakeholders across various sectors, eliciting a renewed sense of urgency in addressing the issue of electricity theft.

Chief Minister David Moinina Sengeh lauded his proactive approach and welcomed the opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue aimed at formulating effective solutions.