Popular Sierra Leonean rapper, LM Last Mayor has said on his Facebook page that their songs should not have been left of the national playlist.

According to the rapper, they have made hit records since the starting of their career. By that, there songs should have been included on the national playlist after trying to submit them to the official email address shared by Kao Denero.

Nevertheless, LM shared a screenshot of the national playlist email address that they were asked to submit their songs. The rapper said he tried to submit their songs twice but the email was not going through. He also shared the screenshot of the messages he sent to Kao Denero to inform him about the email address but he did not get respond him.

“Leh me sef talk on this playlist issue 👇

July, 26, 2021, i tried to send our songs to the email given to us from the ambassador Kao Lastking Denero office but unfortunately Google was telling me that email address is not working so i retry again after 2 days i den try to reach the ambassador directly on his social media platforms by sending the screenshot of me trying to send our songs to him but he never respond 😥

For me i am not saying the Artists featured on the playlist do not deserve to be there oooh but we also did not deserve to be left out of that playlist due the records we put out since last year to our recent release on August which is REASON” he wrote

Last Mayor is part of Hard Rappers Clan record label that housed rapper like AG Rhymes and singer Fine Posh. Recently, they released a record-breaking song titled “Reason” which top most of the charts. The song came with a video which was shot and directed by Shagabash Entertainment.

Since the unveiling of the national playlist by Kao Denero, some artistes have been celebrating for the inclusion of their songs while others are complaining for not including their songs on the playlist.