Sierra Leonean musician, Morlai Kamara popularly known as Dicey Dicey has been arrested at Wan Parlour Boutique where he went for shopping for his video shoot and detained at Lumley Police Station.

According to Dicey Dicey, he went to Wan Parlour Boutique on Tuesday 27th July, 2021 for shopping for his video shoot. After shopping, police officers invaded the boutique and met him with the shopping bag. He said they asked him what he was doing and he explained to them that he went for shopping. The added that shopping bag was on his hand with cosmetics.

On the process, the other officer opened his backpack and searched it but he did not find anything. With all that, they asked him to go with them to the station. Even when the owner of the boutique came out and told them that he went for shopping at his boutique, they did not release him. Instead, they replied him that he should follow them to the station and when he gets there, he will explain.

“I have been at Lumley Police Station for the past 6 days without food. The place where we are locked up is very cold and it has leakages. There are people here that need medical attention.” He added.

“I’m appealing to Sierra Leone Artists Union to come to Lumley Police Station and find out why they don’t want to release them,” he pleaded. Some people have pleaded to the officers so that they could release us, they refused.

At this time, I have nothing to do unless to call on the help of Sierra Leone Artists Union to intervene on this matter. They said we were arrested for loitering and the time was 4:00PM when they arrested us. Dicey Dicey called on the intervention of Sierra Leone Artists Union to rescue them.