Residents of Kpanguma, Kakua Chiefdom in Bo District experienced a situation during a visit of DIG Kailie. An officer of Kailie was allegedly ordered to shoot at an okada man who Kailie claimed was obstructing traffic and waved abusive words on him.

Borbor J Kobie, the okada man in an audio interview said that the convoy of AIG Kailie was in-front of him, and he was unaware who was actually on the vehicle. He said the convoy reached at a point close to Kpanguma Village and they took a break for him to pass. As he was trying to pass the driver tried to block him and he hit break then the vehicle too brake. He said another rider was in front of him who also brake with a man called Mohamed Wellbody.

“I asked the driver why he was driving me like that after we have been behind him with patience unto this time. I asked him if he wanted to kill me and he said, ‘yes I would have kill you if those people were not with you”. He said

“I told him it should not be like that because we are all humans. We argued for long in the presence of the AIG who did not intervene to settle the situation until the driver used abusive languages targeting my mother. I asked the driver twice if he was actually referring to my mother and, on both occasions, he replied yes before I replied with an abusive word on his mother.” He added.

Kibie continued that after the altercation the men in the vehicle came down to attack him, and he quickly fled to town with them following behind but couldn’t catch up with him.

“I dropped my passengers and used my experience of the town to dodge them on my way back knowing fully that they might be there waiting to do something to me. Coming on the bypass, unfortunately, they were waiting for me. I wasn’t even expecting that they were armed. One of them asked me to brake and I don’t because I say he had a revolver pistol on him. I was afraid. I heard the AIG giving command to the officer to shoot me and he shot twice but could not hit me and I ran away.” He explained.

Kobie informed that people were so worried about him but however,  he is thankful to God that he is alive. He disclosed that he was advised to park his bike and stay home which he did to avoid the situation.

The matter has been reported at the Bo West Division and investigation is ongoing.