During the Ministry of Information and Civic Education press conference, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Osman Kanu provided crucial updates on the ongoing suspension of Auditor General Mrs. Lara Taylor Pearce and Deputy Auditor General Mr. Tamba Momoh. Both officials were suspended from office in November 2021, amidst allegations of misconduct, lack of professional performance, and breach of confidentiality.

Kanu detailed the constitutional procedures necessary for the potential removal of the Auditor General and her deputy, emphasizing that any such action requires parliamentary approval. This legislative requirement ensures that due process is followed in the evaluation of the allegations against these high-ranking officials.

The DPP also addressed the current legal proceedings related to Mrs. Taylor Pearce’s case. He outlined the preliminary objections filed by the Attorney General to the Supreme Court, which are critical to the progression of the case. Kanu explained that these objections must be resolved before the court can proceed with further deliberations on the matter. This procedural step is fundamental in ensuring that the legal process is adhered to and that all parties receive a fair hearing.

Moreover, Kanu clarified the specific circumstances involving Mr. Tamba Momoh. He stated that Mr. Momoh was brought before the Tribunal primarily because he had acted in the capacity of Auditor General. This clarification underscores the procedural nuances involved in the case and highlights the importance of accountability for actions taken while in an acting capacity.

These updates from the DPP shed light on the complex legal and constitutional processes involved in the case of the suspended Auditor General and her deputy. The proceedings continue to attract significant public and parliamentary attention as they unfold, reflecting the critical nature of these positions in ensuring transparency and accountability within Sierra Leone’s public sector.