The Executive Director of the Legal Aid Board, Fatmata Claire Carlton-Hanciles on Sunday 11th June 2023, departed Sierra Leone for United Nations General Assembly high-level debate on the theme “Equal Access to Justice for All: Advancing Reforms for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies”.

She was invited by the President of the United Nations General Assembly to showcase the work of the Board at the international level.

The event is convened by Resolution 77/237 of 15 December 2022, entitled ‘Strengthening the United Nations crime prevention and criminal justice program, in particular its technical cooperation capacity.

The event is slated for Thursday 15th June 2023 at the Trusteeship Council Chamber at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

According to the letter, it was stated that Madam Carlton-Hancile’s experience and advocacy in the field of access to justice for all will be an added value and contribute to a fruitful discussion.

“I have no before your experience and advocacy in this field of access to justice for all will be an added value and contribute, to a fruitful discussion.”

Prior to her departure, Madam Carlton-Hanciles had called on all Sierra Leoneans to continue to be peaceful before, during and after the June 24 general elections.