Habib Kamara of SLYDCL has announced a comprehensive plan aimed at curbing the alarming misuse of narcotics. Notably, the ‘Kush’ variant of hybrid cannabis, a strain originating from India, has gained notoriety for its detrimental impact on the nation’s young population.

The devastating effects of ‘Kush’ have triggered concern as it pushes Sierra Leone’s youth towards a downward spiral. Reports indicate that its consumption has led to a decline in personal hygiene, with users often neglecting basic practices such as bathing and changing clothes for extended periods, leading to an overpowering body odor issue.

Kamara, a vocal advocate for youth development, outlined key strategies that he believes the government can adopt to combat this pervasive issue. Central to his proposal is the implementation of stringent measures to combat the drug trade.

He suggests an aggressive approach, involving the seizure of properties involved in the sale of drugs to youth. Kamara insists that mobilizing community members as a form of grassroots enforcement will be pivotal in eradicating drug misuse among the younger generation.

“It’s imperative that we adopt a community-oriented approach to target these hubs of drug distribution. The government must take decisive action and authorize the confiscation of properties linked to drug trade,” Kamara emphasized.

With drug abuse posing a grave threat to Sierra Leone’s future, Kamara’s innovative strategies could prove instrumental in safeguarding the nation’s youth and preserving the vitality of its younger generation.

As Sierra Leone grapples with this critical challenge, the eyes of the nation remain fixed on the government’s response to Kamara’s visionary plan.”