On Wednesday 10 May 2023, Commissioner Manfred Williams, the Director of Traffic in the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), paid an unexpected visit to Jui junction due to the severe traffic congestion experienced during peak hours.

Accompanying the director was his dedicated team, including the National Traffic Coordinator (NTC), the Head of Training and Investigations, the Information Officer, and the Staff Officer (TMRS). Additionally, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Martin J. Senesie (Dr.), the Commander for Freetown East, and Assistant Commissioner of Police W.J. Saffa, the Local Unit Commander (LUC), were also present.

The purpose of their impromptu visit to Jui junction was to invigorate the Divisional Traffic Officers (DTO) at Kissy and Calaba town, ensuring improved traffic regulation.

The director emphasized the responsibility of the traffic officers to maintain a continuous flow of traffic for the benefit of the public.

He urged the DTO of Kissy to seek assistance from the LUCs when necessary.