The Directorate of Health Security and Emergencies under the ministry of health and sanitation has concluded a three-day workshop on the FETP light program in Bo District.

The workshop targeted 20 participants who were randomly selected from all the 17 chiefdoms in the district.

In making the training and its content more relevant, three chiefdoms were divided into two for ease of administration with a chiefdom supervisor attached respectively.

The directorate also disclosed that the company trained nurses in some part of the country especially Kamaranka village are very passionate workers who remain committed to reach the last mile with the Covid-19 vaccines over difficult road network challenges.

Speaking on the fight against tuberculosis, the DHSE noted that, the Kono District Health Management Team (KDHMT) has informed the public that they have topped the fight in the country as was stated by the district tuberculosis team lead in Kono district.

The DHSE maintained that, with all these manifestos, the Bo trainees will work hard in making sure that the best is achieved in rendering quality health service delivery to the people in the district.