Popular Comedian Sara D Great has reacted to LAC recent Videos, as the controversial fugitive made several claims against him.

Sara clarifies that he was providing accommodation for LAC for sometimes before he  asked him to leave. Sara further stated in his viral video that LAC is  confused and the confusion stems from DJ Clef’s blood that is fighting him.

Sara refutes LAC claims of feeding him during the time he  was providing accommodation for him. The comedian revealed that LAC is claiming that his family is rich and his father has money. He pointed out that LAC biological father died when he was a boy. He emphasized that he knows who   the fugitive  is trying claim as a father because he is  scared of his property being seized in the country.

Sara confirmed that LAC is currently in Nigeria and all the testimonies he was giving were scripted for public  consumption.

Sara cautioned the public not to be deceived by the religious Bible verses LAC is quoting in his viral video. He claimed that religious people are some of the most wicked humans on Planet Earth. He referenced the Arab People as an example.

He concluded by calling other entertainers  not to respond or react to LAC wild Claims. Sara emphasized that he will  not respond to LAC again.

However, LAC has cautioned  the comedian in one of his videos that he has known Sara For over 15years. He emphasized that he  knows many things s about the  comedians so he warned  him not to  push him to the wall.