Popular female musician Willie Jay has condemned unprofessional manner in which a local tabloid, Awoko Newsapaper, included her name in their report about the murder of Sydney Buckle (aka DJ Clef).

Speaking to Awareness Times last evening of June 4th 2015, the beautiful singer explained that she has been inundated with phone calls and enquires ever since the newspaper published their report and a local radio station read out the “untrue and unfortunate words about me published in Awoko Newspaper”.

On Tuesday June 2nd 2015, Awoko had published that DJ Clef is suspected to have been murdered in a ritualistic manner as his body parts were said to be missing from his corpse; all done after he attended a party hosted by a famous magician herbalist named LAC. The paper then made the serious allegation that Willie Jay’s car was seen being driven by the murdered DJ Clef.

In sharp contrast, according to Willie Jay, “I have never given my car to DJ Clef to drive. DJ Clef has never driven my car and infact I am now told that DJ Clef did not even know how to drive. I really do not understand how Awoko could be so malicious towards me by including my name in that report so senselessly!”.

She lamented that she did not even know the house of the magician LAC but that as news on social media went crazy over the alleged ritual murder with allegations of snakes supervising washing with blood by young beautiful ladies at a magic house prior to the death of DJ Clef, the Awoko newspaper added fuel to the fire “by whipping the name Willie Jay un-necessarily into their report of the alleged ritual murder”.

Willie Jay is one of the country’s foremost and well loved female artists with a huge fan base locally and internationally. The reports about her association with the event sent shock waves around the world.

“I want to therefore use this chance to tell all my fans that I did not attend any party at the said magician LAC’s house. Infact, I don’t even know where this LAC’s house is. I did not know of any party at the house and I have never been involved in any washing with blood or magic herbalist rituals,” she lamented.

“People now spreading rumours all over against me just because of one unfortunate newspaper unprofessional report. Can you imagine some people are now saying I was in the magician’s house washing with blood? Awoko newspaper just wrote what they felt like writing about me without thinking of consequences to me as a young lady or to my career and my fans,” she ended.

Asked if the newspaper had done a retraction and an apology, she responded that the newspaper had not yet done one.

“People always say Awoko Newspaper is a professional newspaper. This is their time to prove they are professional,” wrote one of the hundreds of comments in support of Willie Jay on Facebook. Many of her fans and friends have been writing to publicly console her on her Facebook wall over the needless and totally untrue intrusion by Awoko Newspaper.

Awoko Newspaper is however well noted as refusing to retract a false report in the past. It is not clear if they will maintain that negative pattern of theirs in this current matter of them falsely including Willie Jay’s name in their unfortunate report.

We will keep abreast of these developments.