Sierra Leonean Rapper and CEO of Red Flag Muzik, Boss LA has threatened to expose the management of National Stadium if they fail to release a press release concerning the fatal attack he received at the National Stadium.

On 22nd May 2021, Sierra Leonean rapper, Boss LA was attacked by 10 thugs with bottles, knives and machetes at the basement of the National Stadium when he was attending a Premiere League match between East End Lions and Wusum Stars, leaving the rapper with injuries.

Since the attack of the rapper, different stories have been spreading by bloggers. Some said the rapper wanted his 10 friends to enter at the National Stadium without paying entrance fee for them. Based on the argument, the marshals that were in charge of the gate attacked him and his crew. Social media users insulted the rapper for not affording the entrance fee for his crew members. Others said gang members from Sierra Leone People’s Party attacked the rapper because he released a song against the government. Others even said is Kao Denero that sent gangsters to attack him because he insulted him on a Facebook Live on the 21st May, 2021.


These rumors were spreading when the rapper breaks silence and told his own side of the story.

“According to the rapper, he was attending a Premier League match between East End Lions and Wusum Stars on Saturday 22nd May 2021 at the Siaka Stevens Stadium in Freetown, when a group of over 10 thugs attacked him at the stadium basement with bottles, knives and machetes.

He explained that upon approaching the presidential stand basement of the stadium, a group of more 10 young men suddenly appeared from his back reigning invectives on him, with remarks, saying that ‘Laj we day kill you tiday. Na First Lady you wan for play with? You nor know say na we mama dan day? We go kill you lek goat.”

According to Boss LA, at this point, they kept approaching him as he walked towards the gate with 2 other friends (Daddy Ish and Samboy). Boss LA said he identified 3 notorious thugs among the mob, Rattie, White Boy and Wizzy, whom he says normally stay at the SLPP party office, and were the same guys that attacked him before, where they ransacked his car and other valuables. A matter he said to have reported but was ignored by the police. He continued that they were all dressed up in Wusum Stars wears and colours at the stadium.

As an ambassador for East End Lions and a strong football fan, Boss LA said he was welcomed and ushered in. His friends were about to pay at the gate when the thugs arrived with full force. At this point, he said they were overpowered by the mob, who forcefully broke the doors to chase him and his friends in the basement. Even the Premier League officials at the gate had to run away for safety.

According LAJ, he had to jump through a glass door when he realized that they thugs were going to kill as they kept saying. They started throwing bottles at him and one of them grabbed one of the broken glasses and stab him on his leg. He scrambled and managed to find a safe location where football officers came to his rescue. He was bleeding persistently while his attackers still making moves to attack him, some threatening to kill him, until he was taken to the Wusum Sars dressing room, where they gave him some first aid treatment to stop the bleeding.

According to him, the police who were stationed at the stadium couldn’t come to his rescue to evacuate him out of the scene, until another police vehicle arrived, where he was then taken to the Choithram Hospital with few police officers for further treatment. He said the police were there with him throughout his stay at the hospital before returned back home.” – he explained

On his Facebook Live, the rapper said he has been expecting a press release from the management of National Stadium as they were framed that, their gate marshals attacked him. He said he received phone calls from some members and interrogated him. The rapper said he was thinking that they were trying to collect information so that they can write a press release. With all that, he has not heard anything from the management neither to see a press release from them.

The rapper also expressed his dissatisfaction to Sierra Leonean Journalists. He said none of them bother to interrogate him and find his own side of the story. He accused them of being in the government payroll and having dinner at the State House. He mentioned Standard Times and Awareness Time Newspapers as the only newspapers that wrote about the attack.

Boss LA threatened the management of National Stadium that, if they fail to write a press release and tell their own side of the story, he will disgrace them and expose them to the world.